Shihan Isaka September 09 – Course Report

Isaka Group Pic

On Friday 18th September 2009 Shihan Akihito Isaka arrived in the UK from Japan.

Shihan Isaka is an 8th Dan Black belt and the Assistant Chief instructor of Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF). Shotokan Karate

The purpose of the visit was to teach at the KWF Wales dojo in Hawarden, N. Wales. This was the 5th year that he has visited the dojo and each year he provides students with a further insight into his special training. Students at the Hawarden dojo were joined by approximately 80 other students of varying nationalities, all eager to learn from his vast experience.

Shihan Isaka’s training is based on hip movement and the ability to ‘separate’ the hip in order to move more freely and improve technique. All movements are practised at a slow speed in order to gain control over each part of the body’s movement.

Over the 2 days students were able to watch some excellent demonstrations of Shihan Isaka’s training and also participate in carrying out his method of training under his watchful eye.

Although the training appears easy, when done properly it is extremely difficult and demanding on the body.

Charles&DenOn Sunday 20th September two of KWF-Wales’ students were amongst many others from around the country who took part in dan grade examinations.

Charles Godfrey was sucessful in achieving the level of Shodan (1st dan black belt) and Dennis Hanwright was successful in achieving the level of Yondan (4th dan black belt). Both of these gradings were taken in front of a panel of 3 examiners who were Shihan Akihito Isaka, Shihan Robert Sidoli (7th dan KWF) and Shihan Sid Tadrist (6th dan KWF).

KWF-Wales would like to congratulate both Charles and Dennis in gaining these levels of achievement and wish them all the best for their future training. We would also like to congratulate all others who were successful in their examinations.


KWF Wales would also like to express their thanks to all persons who travelled to support the event. Because of such welcomed support it may now be possible to host a similar event in the future.

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5 Responses to “Shihan Isaka September 09 – Course Report”

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Stu
    Can you thank Ian for the invite, a great course.
    Let me know of any in the future.

    Paul (JSK)

    • Stu says:


      Thanks for coming and for your support. I will pass the message on. We have your e-mail address and will advise you of any upcoming courses.
      Thanks again for your continued support.


  2. Dave Scregg says:

    Well done to Dennis and Charles on your gradings. It is well deserved. All of the hard work over the last year has paid off. Well Done!!

  3. Keith Wilson says:

    Great course, tremendous Sensei, what knowledge!
    I would like to thank Sensei Smith and Sensei Barker for all of the background work to enable the course to take place. I would also like to thank Sarah for the food at breaks much appreciated.
    The training, knowledge and explanations really take you to another level. Thank you Sensei Isaka and thank you KWF Wales.

  4. Frank says:

    I met Sensei Isaka in the 70’s while training at the University of Connecticut. He does not look as if he aged at all in 40 years.

    He is an exceptional man.

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