Raising the standard for Shotokan Karate in Wales


KWF Karate is composed of a fusion of the skills and theories of both Chief Instructor Shihan Yahara and Assistant Chief Instructor Shihan Isaka. KWF Karate is a form of Karate that represents a compilation of highly sophisticated techniques into an art form.

Yahara Karate as Bujutsu has been through many a scene of bloodshed. Yahara Karate is about using the muscles and joints in movements that explosively release the hidden power of the whole body. Such techniques can be appreciated both for their beauty and sharpness.

The characteristic features of KWF Karate are in the way that the whole body must be fully utilized to produce dynamic and extremely strong techniques that are explosively powerful. We do not deal in feints, small techniques and tactical ploys.

These training techniques were developed through research and experience the key points are being aware of and how to control one’s center of gravity and hip and back movement.

We make use of Assistant Chief Instructor Shihan Isaka’s training methods to enable us to build our bodies in order to develop the fundamental abilities to achieve such techniques and enable us to move our center of gravity correctly and utilize our whole bodies. The idea is to develop the ability to control your movements to the nearest millimeter. Such techniques are eye-opening for Karate-ka who have been training for many years.

Shihan Ian Smith (KWF-Wales)

ian-picIan Smith began karate in the late 1970’s where he graded with Sensei Enoeda.

He is now the chief instructor for KWF-Wales and is on the board of directors for KWF-GB, as well as being on the Shihankai for the KWF.

In 2008 he passed his Rokudan (6th Dan) in Torino, Italy. This was during the KWF European camp, which was led by Chief Instructor and Supreme Master of the KWF Shihan Yahara and Assistant Chief Instructor Shihan Isaka.

Ian has produced many outstanding competitors over the years who have won at both national and international level in a large range of categories.

Ian continues to train himself under the tutelage of many of the great Japanese instructors.

Grading Results and competition results from Italy 2008 can be viewed  by clicking here